Game-Changing for Gen MZ: 5 Cool features that make the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G stand out!

By Brand Story | Published 14 Jul 2023 16:20 IST
Game-Changing for Gen MZ: 5 Cool features that make the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G stand out!

Samsung recently introduced its ultimate value monster, the Galaxy M34 5G, in India. Continuing the M-series legacy, this smartphone boasts an impressive array of features at a highly competitive price. This makes it an irresistible option for tech-savvy GenZ consumers who are always on the lookout for feature-packed smartphones with fabulous cameras to express their unique identities. 

The Galaxy M34 5G promises to be one such phone equipped with a 50MP No Shake Camera, a massive 6000mAh battery that keeps going and going, an immersive 120Hz Super AMOLED display, and more. This is a phone that will appeal to young consumers who are filled with a hunger for new experiences and who approach life with an unwavering sense of enthusiasm. 

Let’s elaborate on why the Galaxy M34 5G appears to be a steal for its all-inclusive starting price of INR 16,999! 

50MP No Shake Cam - a wild ride for creativity! 

The camera in your phone is after all the ultimate tool for self-expression, helping you paint your unique story with every snap, filter, and short. The 50MP (OIS) No Shake Camera on the Galaxy M34 5G can be your trusty sidekick, always on standby to capture those perfect social media forty moments. This is because you can shoot high-resolution and shake-free photos and videos on the fly from the primary camera even with the phone held in hands. 

The camera is also equipped with the Nightography feature that debuted with the flagship series. This should enable users to capture stunning textures and details even in low light and night-time scenes. The camera setup also includes an 8MP sensor with a 120-degree Ultrawide lens that will allow you to fit in all your friends, family, and even the stunning scenery in the backdrop. Then there is a 13MP high-resolution front camera for stunning selfies and spontaneous vlogs.

This is surely an exciting camera with a lot of engaging features to try. If you are unsure how to best capture a moment, the Monster Shot 2.0 feature allows you to capture up to 4 videos and 4 photos with the press of a single button! And there is also the fun mode with 16 different fun lens effects to add a spicy twist to your memories and captures. 

Stunning display for showtime!  

Galaxy M34 5G offers a stunning 6.5 inch 120Hz Super AMOLED display which will be a window to a whole new world of entertainment. Whether you're binge-watching your favourite shows, endlessly scrolling through short video feeds, or battling your way through fast-paced games - this smooth and gorgeous display promises to add that extra oomph and refine your experience to a whole new level. 

With its 1000nits peak brightness and Vision Booster technology, the big screen will let you effortlessly enjoy your favourite content even under the bright sun! The phone also includes an Eyecare display, which ensures a comfortable viewing experience by reducing blue light emissions and minimizing eye strain. Moreover, the display quality is complemented by support for Dolby Atmos to further enrich your immersive experience while streaming content.

Embrace limitless power with a monstrous battery! 

The Galaxy M34 5G also packs a monstrous 6000mAh battery that has the endurance to last for not just one, but up to two whole days! The phone also supports 25W fast charging so that you can quickly replenish lost juice and get back in action in no time.

What this means is that you are allowed to let your imagination run wild, binge-watch your favourite shows to your heart’s content or capture every moment you want to without being limited by your battery capacity! Is that an awesome feeling?

Powerful performance and smart features that make a difference!

To supercharge these experiences, the Galaxy M34 5G is equipped with a capable and power-efficient Exynos 1280 5nm processor that promises to make short work of everything you throw at it. The processor is aided by ample RAM and storage and users further get the option to cache up to 16GB of fast storage as memory using RAM Plus! This allows for snappier performance as apps can launch faster and multitasking becomes smoother.

And to top it off, Samsung's OneUI software adds a touch of elegance and flair, making your user experience delightful.

There are several useful and practical features that will enhance your experience. You can utilize Samsung Wallet to securely store all your confidential documents and cards. Additionally, you have the option to tap and pay directly using Samsung Wallet, eliminating the need to carry physical cards and providing unmatched convenience. For complete peace of mind, the phone is equipped with defense-grade Knox Security, ensuring top-of-the-line protection for sensitive data stored on your device.

The Voice Focus feature enhances call quality by canceling distortions and boosting voice frequencies. This can be a lifesaver when you need to attend urgent business calls and are not in an appropriate space.

What’s even better is that Samsung offers up to 4 generations of OS upgrades and up to 5 years of OS upgrades to ensure that your software experience only gets better with time.

Sophistication meets durability

What’s even more interesting is that Samsung has managed to wrap all these awesome features in a very appealing signature Samsung design that prioritizes elegance and comfortable usage. You get to choose between three trendy colour options that will resonate with your personal style and taste - Midnight Blue, Prism Silver & Waterfall Blue.  

The Galaxy M34 5G is also built to last. The display on the front is shielded with Gorilla Glass 5 which will assuredly protect the gorgeous display against pesky everyday scratches and accidental drops. 

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To sum it up, the Galaxy M34 5G is a powerhouse smartphone that promises a wholesome experience. The phone offers a stunning display, impressive camera capabilities, powerful performance, intuitive software, and long-lasting battery life. 

The Galaxy M34 5G is available on Amazon and and as an introductory offer, Galaxy M34 5G will be available at a very exciting all-inclusive price of INR 16999 for the 6+128GB variant and INR 18999 for the 8+128GB variant with select bank cards.

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